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    essays include:

    • How vulnerability can combat misogyny within trans communities
    • Vulnerabilities and doors as a queer mixed woman
    • Coping with internalized misogyny, consciously staying away from men, and familial dynamics
    • Nuances of high school experiences
    • Letting go of hurtful narratives while embracing heartache and the process of “breaking down”
    • Views on queer identity interrogation, performance, and transparency as a punk zinester
    • Vulnerabilities of mental health perspectives and lack of intersectionality
    • Witnessing misguided white manarchist resistance to police and reflections on vulnerability of communities of color
    • Multi-generational healing work and vulnerabilities as a male-socialized survivor
    • Questioning the responsibility of self-agency after “checking out” during sex
    • Asking for help as a necessary self-publishing task
    • Experiences of racism and sexism in a hospital setting and the legitimacy of describing one’s pain
    • Trans women and solitary confinement
    • Boundary setting in the contexts of capitalism, physical and mental illness, and life crises
    • Inpatient hospital stays and changes in labels of one’s mental illness(es)
    • Loss of memory and personal history, critiquing queer/trans* growth narratives, and creating (non-)advice for non-normative teens and young adults
    • Vulnerability of discussing physical illness
    • Navigating queer attraction and desire with a history of violence
    • A feminist coming out monologue
    • Dealing with kink, trauma, and complexities of BDSM involvement
    • Interview Excerpt with Daniela Capistrano, Founder of the POC Zine Project
    • Examining the necessity of assertiveness for disabled women and asking for accommodations

    This issue also includes poems, feminists we love, current feminist heroes, and vegan recipes! ½ size, black & white, 80 pages, and very text heavy.


    using space

    The story of Sabotaj published by Muujinga / hloupochku





    Jacq Applebee

    body imageBody Image, fatness and blackness

    Thoughts, poems and some body-positive erotic fiction!

    16 pages long, A5 half size, typewritten with black and white illustrations.

    Over 18s only due to the erotic story


    genderGender questioning and me

    Ever feel not quite the sex you’ve been assigned at birth? You’re not alone. This Zine is a result of my thoughts about gender, and my attempt to come to a happier place with who I am.

    Contains poems, prose and some gender twisting erotic fiction!

    16 pages, A5 size


    veganI’m not VEGAN, but this zine is! (And it’s Gluten-Free too!) Recipes, Smut, Poems & Thoughts

    Yes, there are vegan recipes in this Zine. There are also two vegan erotic stories, a couple of poems and my thoughts about food and the vegan scene. For over 18’s only, due to the smutty stories.


    abuseThat Doesn’t Happen to Black Kids!

    This is my Zine on surviving child abuse and violence. It has personal stories and resources. I’ve also included a short letter you can customise and copy for handing out at potentially triggering situations.

    Zine is handwritten in black and white. A few hand drawings and a photo. 36 pages half size (A5)


    get lostGet Lost! A guide to running away for adults

    Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Running away doesn’t have to be forever. For adults who need to get themselves gone, use this guide to help you do so more safely. Learn about how to care for your physical and mental health, before, during and after running away. And check to see if running is the best option for you.


    growing oldA blaze of candles on my cake Growing old when you’re BISEXUAL, black and disabled.

    Does getting older fill you with dread? For many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, this fear may be justified. But our future doesn’t have to be full of fear. I explore some of the realities of being black, bisexual and disabled in a world that can be rough. I hope to spark hope for anyone reading this.


    Kirsty Winters

    hard femme 1Hard Femme #1

    it’s a perzine I made about identifying as a hard femme – or basically, being queer, tough, poor, working class, fat and femme. It’s hand written with some bad art and contains writing about histories, embodiment, cooking, fashion, films, and body modification.



    hard femme 3Hard Femme #2

    “Hard Femme” is a perzine I made about identifying as a hard femme – or basically, being queer, tough, poor, working class, fat and femme. This issue contains writings/illustrations about non-monogamy/dating, hair, clothes, money, shit jobs, exercise and self care. It also has some super rad submissions from other hard femmes!


    Hard Femme 3Hard Femme #3

    “Hard Femme” is a perzine I made about identifying as a hard femme – or basically, being queer, tough, poor, working class, fat and femme. This issue contains writing and drawing about mental health, introversion, undoing people, poly, punk femmes, self expression and home making.




    not trans enough Not Trans Enough: A Compilation Zine on the Erasure of Non Passing and Non Conforming Trans Identified People

    With over 30 contributors and 50 pages of writings, stories, poems, comics and images, this zine explores the multiple lived truths of trans and non binary people who feel, in some way or another, the pressure to ‘conform’ to dominate narratives of what it means and looks like to be trans. This zine explores the notion of trans authenticity created by cissexist ideas of gender ‘normalcy’ and breaks them down; tears them apart. This zine asks us if we can envision something new and broaden our ideas surrounding identity and gender. This zine is printed in colour and can be ordered with lavender, blue, green, yellow, or pink cover pages.

    “Can we envision something new? Where femininity is celebrated; where violent masculinity isn’t acceptable; where intersectional experiences of violence and oppression are not removed from our gender identities? Where self-determination is seen as truth? My hope with this zine is that it becomes a stepping-stone on the path to growth and understanding, and while I know that it could never represent all experiences, I hope that it demonstrates that a wide range of truths exists, and that there is no such thing as not being trans enough.”

    consentsusConsen(t)sus? Exploring Contradictions, Practice, and Politics. Also, Gay Sex

    This is a compilation zine edited by Eric Levitt of Gay 4 Pay press and Jonathan Vallely of Broken Pencil. It consists of writings, explorations and personal reflections on and about consent from people who identify/or partially identify as men who have sex with men. Lots of text and great for anyone looking for a beyond Consent 101 read.

    Writings by: Eric Levitt, Jonathan Vallely, Andrew Morrison-Gurza, Eddie of Gross Process/Doom Clouds Zine, Shakir Rahim and more.

    Published October 2014

    Gross Process IGross Process I

    The very first issue of Gross Process, formerly Doom Clouds, moves on to a new time in my recovery. This issue is all about winter survival, prepping for the winter, xmas & hanukkah, worsening mental health, home, shitty landlords, chosen family, punk and ‘accountability’, partner abuse, decolonizing ideas around justice and dealing with community violence, vulnerability, love & my mom.

    Written and published in November 2014.

    Gross Process IIGross Process II

    Gross Process II is about the complexities of gender identity and the trans/* umbrella, gender and gendered violence, trauma recovery, numbing with drugs, intimacy, ptsd, dealing with doctors, and feelings of hopelessness because of abuser apology. It’s about challenging the way we think about and treat survivors in our own communities, punk spaces, being a maker and art as a direct community action and a tool for healing. It also includes DIY recipes for depressed people!

    Tender SummerTender Summer – Doom Clouds V

    This issue is about surviving a horrible winter with depression, appreciating summer, working/not working, motivation, trauma recovery, regaining sexual agency through gay hook up apps, getting diagnosed with ptsd, gender & transition, mortality and fantasy.

    Written and published in the late summer/early fall of 2014.

    In It, Together, ForeverIn It, Together, Forever – Doom Clouds III

    This issue contains heavy reflections on intimate partner abuse, trauma memories/journals. It also has writing on consent, alternative structures of support & mutual aid for survivors of abuse. Text Heavy.

    Written in the fall/winter of 2013/2014, published in December 2014.

    Saturn Return(s)Saturn Return(s) – Doom Clouds IV

    Gross Process IV: Saturn Return focuses on surviving Saturn return. How do we create the lives we want to see for ourselves? This zine focuses on not only prioritizing our goals but our dreams and how to make the lives we want in a world that makes us feel undeserving of the best. The zine is also about dealing with ptsd and insomnia as a survivor of violence, exploring spirituality through magick, and also includes a list on how white punx can be accountable to black and poc punx in the scene (and ugh, also everywhere). Made in the fall of 2015.


    Lindsy Draws

    the man called uncle timThe man called uncle Tim #3

    The third in a series of zines about my uncle who died in 1995 and who I never really knew. In collaboration with members of my family, I try to understand how he lived and loved in a polyamorous queer household in a Quaker intentional community in rural Ohio. Half comic book, half zine. Issue three features conversations with my aunt and some thoughts on queer community/familiy. Two colour (red and black) riso printed* throughout with original illustrations on each page. Printed by Footprint Workers Co-op

    The third issue in the series of zines about my uncle who lived in a queer polyamorous household is now published. Based on conversations I’ve had with my Aunt Judy, it is a further exploration into Uncle Tim’s family/community and the values that influenced his life. To find out more about the project, you can read about issues #1 and #2.

    Aunt Judy was there when I conducted the oral history interview with my Grandma that features in issue #1. In fact, it was Aunt Judy’s suggestion that we talk about Uncle Tim in the first place because she was so proud of how her had mother supported him. Since that talk so many years ago, we’ve had a long and fascinating correspondence about Uncle Tim and about what this project has meant to our family. Any silence that might have existed around his life has been well and truly broken.

    Although I’ve obviously been itching to find out more detail about Uncle Tim’s life in Raven Rocks and the make-up of his unique family, what I found most rewarding was hearing about Aunt Judy’s relationship to him as a sister. It was especially interesting to hear about how that relationship evolved up until his death.

    This issue features plenty of new information that sheds light on Uncle Tim’s life though, particularly about why it ended up being so separated from his biological family. Aunt Judy provides personal insights from her visits to Raven Rocks over the years as well as philosophical reflections on the life they chose to live. In this issue, I have made the choice to move the focus on from Quakerism and start looking into some of the other influential values embraced by the J. Hartzelbucks.


    Megan Twiddy/ Eliza Agar Press

    Silenced feminisms, inspired by Spare RibSilenced feminisms, inspired by Spare Rib

    For this zine I have chosen to respond to key articles in Spare Rib that I have found interesting, and that are annoyingly still relevant today. I am interested in activism and showing unrepresented and often unspoken stories, at least in mainstream media, that are important in challenging oppressive societal norms. This zine looks at social cleansing, racism, classism, transphobia, the 1984 UK miners strike, sex worker’s rights, Palestine, sex education and abortion. It also features xAx, Charlie Cragg, Dorothy Innerd, Lorraine Malyan, Samia Malik and Sutapa Biswas!

    This zine will be available at the Feminist Library on 29th August as well as online here, after the event.

    36 pages, black and white, images and text.


    MEOW Magazine


    Pets Issue

    Are you ready for this? MEOW – IS – IN – COLOUR! We asked for some colourful submissions and we got them along with some very nice black and white images too. This is a ground breaking issue so snap one up for £2 while there’s still time!



    Mythologising Me

    Perzine Mythologising Me 10 zinePerzine Mythologising Me 10 zine

    The usual trope about me not being able to make any kind of life decision whatsoever. I also talk about ‘treat yo’self’, paper rounds, falling in love with Manchester and organising Northwest Zinefest.

    If you want to request pink, orange or yellow say so in the comments or I will surprise you! 🙂


    The Norseman zine / James Franco Seth Rogen Linda Cardellini Jason Segel

    the noresmanThe Norseman

    This is our zine cover, it was drawn by David Zacharis of The Smittens!


    Tags: Freaks and Geeks James Franco Seth Rogen Linda Cardellini Jason Segel zines


    Vicky / Pen Fight Distro

    women in stemWomen in STEM

    single-page folded mini-zine / b&w.
    This mini-zine features illustrations and info about 7 different awesome ladies who’ve achieved great things in the fields of science, technology, engineering or maths. It folds out and has a poster about supporting women in STEM on the other side too!



    Poor Lass zine

    poor_lass_zine_front_coverPoor Lass #6

    The Health issue!

    A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it’s really like to be working class.
    This issue focuses on health, mental, emotional and physical health, loved ones and not being able to afford health care and much more!

    Collected by Em and Seleena who want working class voices to be heard!


    poor lass zinePoor lass #3 – The family Issue!

    A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it’s really like to be working class.
    Issue three focuses on family. How you relate to your family, how your family function, families you build yourself, what family means to you and more!

    Collected by Em and Seleena who want Poor Lasses to be heard.