Weirdo Zine Fest *teaser*

wierdo zine fest


Take a peak at some of the recent to newly printed zines being tabled at Wierdo Zine Fest London


Hard Femme 3Hard Femme by Kirsty Winters

“Hard Femme” is a perzine I made about identifying as a hard femme – or basically, being queer, tough, poor, working class, fat and femme. This issue contains writing and drawing about mental health, introversion, undoing people, poly, punk femmes, self expression and home making.


nancyNancy by Alex Creep (2011) published by Sister Ectoplasm Distro

Nancy is a 24 page zine featuring illustrations and writing. It has stuff about about girly gay boys, screen queens, music, anime and much much more!

“A zine about effeminacy issues within the queer community, specifically queer men. Theres all sorts in here, from rants on personal experience, to write up of the authors favourite ‘On Screen Queens’. A really great read for anyone interested in destroying gender and sexual binaries.” Footprint Zine Distro


bad_poetryBad Poetry for Pro-Lifers by Charlotte Cooper

This is a tiny foldy zine made in response to the 40 Days for Life campaign in October 2013.

It is available to download and share.

Screen version

In order for it to look right on the screen, you have to choose the ‘two up’ option in Acrobat and make sure ‘show cover in two-up view’ is ticked. If you are looking at in Preview, you just have to choose the ‘two pages’ option.

Print version

  1. Print the document as double-sided A4. Your printer might be able to do this automatically, otherwise print the first page, turn the paper over in your printer and print the second page on the other side.


  1. Print the document and then photocopy many double-sided copies.
  2. Follow the cut and fold in these instructions: Zineopolis: Make a Foldy Zine
  3. Give them out to people, and tell your friends. If you need to cover printing costs, go ahead, but do not sell this zine for a profit.

Bad Poetry for Pro-Lifers by Dr Charlotte Cooper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Many thanks to Lindsay.


Bad mouthBad Mouth: Issue #1 by Bad Mouth

A music, art and politics fanzine

This is a zine for people who like music, art and questioning the way things are. Profits go into creative workshops on activism and personal politics such as the What is Your Activism? series which runs here at The Boileroom (check our What’s On page for the next date!).

Bad Mouth Issue #1 features an insightful interview with Girlpool, a free patch, poetry, essays on relationships and the alternative scene and loads more. Contributions from Martin Ruffin, Megan Andrew, Ryan De Freitas and Girlpool, Krishna Istha, Joe Fuller, Anni Movsisyan, Duncan Smith, Lizzie Coan, Jacob Joyce of Screaming Toenail, Jess Bridgeman, Mike Foster, X-ALLIN, Eva Cookney and members of sorryyoufeeluncomfortable.


Silenced feminisms, inspired by Spare RibSilenced feminisms, inspired by Spare Rib By Megan Twiddy and other contributors published by Eliza Agar Press

For this zine I have chosen to respond to key articles in Spare Rib that I have found interesting, and that are annoyingly still relevant today. I am interested in activism and showing unrepresented and often unspoken stories, at least in mainstream media, that are important in challenging oppressive societal norms. This zine looks at social cleansing, racism, classism, transphobia, the 1984 UK miners strike, sex worker’s rights, Palestine, sex education and abortion. It also features xAx, Charlie Cragg, Dorothy Innerd, Lorraine Malyan, Samia Malik and Sutapa Biswas!

This zine will be available at the Feminist Library on 29th August as well as online here, after the event.

36 pages, black and white, images and text.


Get Lost! A guide to running away for adultsGet Lost! A guide to running away for adults by Jacq Applebee

Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Running away doesn’t have to be forever. For adults who need to get themselves gone, use this guide to help you do so more safely. Learn about how to care for your physical and mental health, before, during and after running away. And check to see if running is the best option for you.

This zine also includes an original erotic short story, so it’s suitable for over 18’s only.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

Written by someone who ran away 22 years ago.



Perzine Mythologising Me 10 zinePerzine Mythologising Me 10 zine

The usual trope about me not being able to make any kind of life decision whatsoever. I also talk about ‘treat yo’self’, paper rounds, falling in love with Manchester and organising Northwest Zinefest.

If you want to request pink, orange or yellow say so in the comments or I will surprise you! 🙂


the chapessthe chapess zine #4 by the Synchronise Witches Press + Zine Distro

‘There’s a strange disconnect somewhere between Being Too Much and yet not Taking Up Enough Space, which sound like they should at least resemble each other, or that one should be en route to the other. I think that I am Too Much, and it feels like I am oozing all over the floor. I tell myself that I need to learn to Take Up Space, and Taking Up Space seems like it should look like something more solid, something that knows how to express its well-formed opinions calmly and yet with force.’ – Aimee Wall

a special A4 edition of the Chapess zine – produced for the Turn The Page Artists’ book fair, 18 contributors over 26 pages.



summer 2015 i asked my friends for writing prompts / what they would like to read about via twitter and ended up writing about my garden, mummy parcels, the x-files and snack time.
16 pages – quarter size


whydon'tyoulovemePHQ-9 zine by whydon’tuloveme?


“How do you measure despair?”

A photographic zine exploring depression, the measuring of depression & its effect on everyday life.

16 pages in length, with high quality card cover, Risograph printed by Hato Press, London


women in stemWomen in STEM by Vicky published by Pen Fight Distro

30p + p&p / buy here at pen fight

single-page folded mini-zine / b&w.
This mini-zine features illustrations and info about 7 different awesome ladies who’ve achieved great things in the fields of science, technology, engineering or maths. It folds out and has a poster about supporting women in STEM on the other side too!


rudeyClaude McKay: Queer, Black & Radical by RudyLoewe

An A4 full colour short comic about the experiences of the writer Claude McKay, whilst he lived in London during the 1920s..


using space


The story of Sabotaj by jacobvjoyce published by Muujinga / hloupochku



the man called uncle timThe man called uncle Tim #3 by Lindsy Draws

The third in a series of zines about my uncle who died in 1995 and who I never really knew. In collaboration with members of my family, I try to understand how he lived and loved in a polyamorous queer household in a Quaker intentional community in rural Ohio. Half comic book, half zine. Issue three features conversations with my aunt and some thoughts on queer community/familiy. Two colour (red and black) riso printed* throughout with original illustrations on each page. Printed by Footprint Workers Co-op


wankWank – an illustrated book of female masturbation MATURE by Sophie Crow published by Oyster Knife

Sophie says:
“I have always been fascinated by the diversity of sexual expression and experimentation that humans engage in. One day I came across an internet forum where women explained their favorite ways to masturbate, I was really surprised at the diversity and inventiveness so started collecting stories and illustrating the most visually striking.”

Bizarre Magazine says: “For succinctness and simplicity the 28-page book certainly hits the spot. Tales confessed here transform everyday objects, such as TV remotes and door frames, into weapons of mass orgasm, and the drawings are likably quirky.”

This is a book about female masturbation, it takes 12 real life confessions found online of the inventive ways that woman masturbate and sensitively illustrates them.

There are 12 line drawings of women of all varieties enjoying themselves in intriguing and fascinating ways.


synthetic fluffSynthetic Fluff Zines

Zines about being femme, queer and disabled, anarcho-feminism, mental health, relationships and lots more.





A VoiceA Voice by the Take Care Distro

A Voice’ is a new zine from Sydney Exploratory Society. It completes a trio of zines that began with ‘Village Ghosts’ and ‘Old Memory’, and, like those zines, is a semi-fictional narrative constructed out of fragments of images and text, about memory, immigrant experience, disappearances, loss and love.

15x15cm, 84 pages, black and white photocopy with letterpresses cover.


elipsisellipsis 4 by Sarah-Beth

A6 size | 26 pages | pink cover with blue print (insides black and white)

Published in March 2015. Writing about sex, libido and medication, being diagnosed with a B12 deficiency, growing up and making changes.



sugar paperSugar Paper #16 by Sugar Paper zine

20 tings to make and do.
The space issue, with recipes, crocheted planets, fabric marbling, X Files cross stitch, fizzy bath stars, which alien are you quiz and much more!

Comes with free headpins and beads to make constellation jewellery!


poor_lass_zine_front_coverPoor Lass #6 by Poor Lass zine

The Health issue!

A zine from the voices of poor lasses, a collection of stories of what it’s really like to be working class.
This issue focuses on health, mental, emotional and physical health, loved ones and not being able to afford health care and much more!

Collected by Em and Seleena who want working class voices to be heard!


International-nobody-monsterpedia“Monsterpaedia – Volume 2” – A Zine by International Nobody by Squid

“International Nobody makes pictures for walls, floors and ceilings. Sometimes people think about buying them.”
Message to rebels and those who operate under the laws of reverse psychology…
Don’t even THINK ABOUT IT!
To everyone else: Procure International Nobody’s work before Charles Saatchi snatches it right out of your hands!

2 fucked2FUCKED 2FURIOUS: still sexually dysfunctional in sex-positive queer scenes. a queer and feminist compzine on fucking and not-fucking by Fucked zine

The follow-up to ‘FUCKED: on being sexually dysfunctional in sex-positive queer scenes’!

More writings on being sexually dysfunctional whilst participating in sex-positive queer spaces. We took contributions from around the world to put together 2FURIOUS and this zine contains writings from fifteen different authors. It includes responses to the first zine and the workshops we’ve run since its publication, and also discusses similar topics as before: feeling excluded from sex-positive spaces, the limits of consent, not feeling queer ‘enough’, bad sex and sad sex.

Content note: these pieces include subjects such as rape, sexual assault and coercion, abusive relationships, disordered eating and mental health issues. The writings reflect internalised homophobia and misogyny.

A5 size with 40 pages, black & white copy and hand-drawn pictures of cats!


forever incomplete.jpgForever Incomplete #3  by Catherine Elms

Perzine, 1/4 sized, 28 pages, Autumn 2015. 24 hour zine. Includes writing about my current favourite fandom pairing, my favourite Alanis Morissette songs, dates I wouldn’t want to go on and a Harry Potter sorting system.



burn outBurnout by Cool Schmool Zines

A mini perzine about burnout and self-care. It’s about what happens when your to-do list is out of control and you make yourself ill and exhausted by saying yes to everything. It’s about dreaming of a better life where you can just eat pizza and watch My Mad Fat Diary in peace.


the noresmanThe Norseman

This is our zine cover, it was drawn by David Zacharis of The Smittens!


Tags: Freaks and Geeks James Franco Seth Rogen Linda Cardellini Jason Segel zines


working class queersThe Queer Working Class Zine Project

Oh hai! Working Class Queers #1 is back in print! £2.00, including postage. Paypal yr nuggets, name and addy to me using and snail mail joy shall be yrs


oomk4_cover_a5OOMK Issue 4: Internet

One of My Kind (oomk) is a highly visual, handcrafted small-press publication. Our content largely pivots upon the imaginations, creativity and spirituality of women.  

OOMK is present in print, online and in creative events and workshops. For more information about OOMK visit our press page. If you’d like to submit articles or artwork to or OOMK Zine please visit our submissions page.  

We are Sofia Niazi, Rose Nordin, Heiba Lamara and Sabba Khan

OOMK is based in South Kilburn Studios in North London.


turbanhairbandcoversmallhow to make a turban hairband by DIYcouture

DIYcouture aims to visually explain the process of making clothes, so that anyone can have a go at sewing their own garments. Our instructions are simple as well as detailed and will guide you carefully through the construction process. Download some of DIYcouture’s tips and instructions below.


pets5MEOW Pets

Are you ready for this? MEOW – IS – IN – COLOUR! We asked for some colourful submissions and we got them along with some very nice black and white images too. This is a ground breaking issue so snap one up for £2 while there’s still time!



Cinnamon Buns Fanzine 2Cinnamon Buns Fanzine

News news news.We are still here.New work stuff.Working on a new zine all about body positive queer positive tee’s including a rly naughty one,other art stuff and a new super colourful personal website is coming!!