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Anarchist Theory

Where Do We Meet Face To Face?

Land Liberty Against The New City

Short Circuit

Technological Addiction

For America To Live, Europe Must Die

Smashing the Orderly Party, An Anarchists’ Critique Of Leninism

Leftism 101

Why Civilization?


Revolutionary Solidarity

The Economy is Suffering, Let it Die!

From Politics To Life

Deserting the Digital Utopia

Anarchism: What It Is What It Ain’t

Against Freedom The war on terrorism in everyday NZ life

Why Reject the Treaty A Maori-Pakeha Viewpoint

The Abolition Of Work

An Anarchist Solution to Global Warming

Are You An Anarchist The Answer May Surprise You!

Fragments of an Anarchist Public Health

Machinery Of Hopelessness

What About Human Nature?

You’d be better off without police, presidents, money and capitalism a short intro to anarchism




Direct Action

Good Manners & Affinity Groups

(A)BC’s Mini Guide to Protesting

Voting vs. Direct Action

The Radical Cheerbook

Resistance in the Street

Radical Defense

Pepperspray, CS, and Other ‘Less Lethal’ Weapons

How To Organize A Protest March

How_It_Is_To_Be Fun

Health and Safety at Militant Actions

Fight The Man and Get Away Safely

Excited Delirium

Earth First! Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual

Don’t Back Down!

Do-It-Yourself Occupation Guide 2012 Redux

Direct Action Tactics

Direct Action Survival Guide

Copse A Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting

Bodyhammer; Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protestor

Blocks, Black and Otherwise


Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back

Basic Recon Skills

Basic Blockading

Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste, and Distributing Information

Art and Science of Billboard Improvement 2nd Edition

An Activist’s Guide to Basic First Aid

Direct Action

DIY Ecology


After the Crest Part 1

After the Crest Part 2 Oakland

After the Crest Part 3 Barcelona

After the Crest Part 4 Montreal

Women Witchunts And The Reproduction Of The Capitalist World

Industrial Domestication

Prologue A Brief History of Capitalism

N30 The Seattle WTO Protests

Koukoulofori: Stories, Lessons, and Inspiration from the Greek Anarchist Movement

Can’t Stop Kaos A Brief History of the Black Bloc

Breaking The Barricades

Down with Empire Up with Spring

Industrial Unionism.

Rabble Rousers& Merry Pranksters A History of Anarchism in Aotearoa New Zealand from the Mid-1950s to the Early 1980s.

Remains to be Seen Tracing Joe Hill’s ashes in New Zealand

The Compassionate Contrarians A History of Vegetarians in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Day the Raids Came Stories of survival and resistance to the state terror raids



Anarchist Survival Guide for Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Mind Games

For The Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters.

Grand Juries Tools of Political Repression

Grand Jury Investigations, FBI Harassment, and Your Rights

Infoshop org Guide to Federal Grand Jury Investigations.

Know Your Rights! What You Need To Know.

Resist the Grand Juries

Untitled, or What to Do When Everyone Gets Arrested


Mental Health





What’s the Non Profit Industrial Complex and why should I care?

Some Remarks On The Need For Open Assemblies In Berlin

Organising Social Spaces as if Social Relations Matter

Anarchy and Alcohol

Together: Booklet to Form Affinity Groups

Anarchism and the English Language

But What about Beer?

Point of No Return

The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy

Squatters’ Handbook ‘Political’ Squatting Tips

Small Town Organizing For Anarchists

Shared Path Shared Goal

Seattle Logistics

Reading for Revolution

Organising Communities

Opening Doors A Primer

Media A How to Guide for Activists

Mass The Left And Other Walking Fossils

How to Promote Events

How to Form an Affinity Group

Copwatch 101

Consensus A Brief Introductory Guide

Collectives Anarchy Against The Mass

Collective Process Overcoming Power

Chasing After Ghosts

Caught in the Web of Deception

Building : A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Hosting Events and Fostering Radical Communities

Build Your Own Solidarity Network

Build those Collectives

Beyond Squat or Rot Anarchist Approaches to Housing

Anti-Mass Methods of Organization for Collectives

Anarchist Study Groups

Total Liberation Freedom for Both Nonhuman and Human animals!



Not Afraid of Ruins

Not Afraid of Ruins #2

Not Afraid of Ruins #3

Small Victories

Some Justice


Post-traumatic growth & Resiliance



3 Positions Against Prison

Writing to prisoners: Frequently Asked Questions

Earth Warriors Are OK! Zine

A Practical Guide to Prisoner Support

ALF Prisoner Support The Basics

Can’t Hear Me Scream



Relationship Anarchy

An Anarchist Project on Freedom and Love – by Mae Bee

Infinite Relationships: Relationships without borders or boundaries, love without limits, without ends and Infinite Relationships (less stylistic but easier to read format)

Join the Resistance Fall in Love by Crimethinc

Playing with Fire by Montreal Counter-Information

Pleasure Not Duty: Open and Closed Families and Loose Cannons

Recipes for Disaster – Non Monogamous Relationships

Redefining Our Relationships Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships by Wendy-o Matik

Fiddle Faddle #1 – a new anarchist zine for deviants amd sexual libertines

Bound to Struggle: Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet by Simon Strikeback

Subversive Submissive #1 by Erin SubversiveSub

Transcending Anatomy #1 A Guide to Bodies and Sexuality for Partners of Trans People By Eli Transcending Anatomy

WHORECORE Fucking Queer and Getting Paid by the Sex worker open university

Polyamory and Queer Anarchism Infinite Possibilities for Resistance by Susan Song

The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy by Andie Nordgren

Polyamory & Anarchy by Dysphoria

Fatty Fashions by miss shannon lee



Anonymity Security

Bounty Hunters and Child Predators

Digital Security for Activists

London Calling A Cellphone And Internet Security Primer

Profiles of Provocateurs

Security Culture Handbook

Security Culture An INteractive Sock Puppet Farce

Stay Calm

Stop Hunting Sheep

Tech Tools for Activism

What Is Security Culture A Guide To Staying Safe

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants

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